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by Joann Jordan
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Ruth Richey Martin was born in 1925, in Florence, Alabama.

Clyde Martin and Ruth married in 1950 and were married for 63 years before Clyde's home-going to Heaven in 2013.
Dear New Mother, 

Just look at that precious little “bundle of joy”! Such a beautiful baby!  I know as you hold your little one and look down into those bright, alert baby eyes that you heart overflows.  Naturally, you are determined to do everything in your power to make your child’s life full, happy and complete, and protected from anything that would hurt this precious one.  Those mother instincts are just beginning to surface and you are stepping into the most blessed relationship imaginable.  It’s an ongoing, ever-growing relationship that will continue for the rest of your life.

It’s called MOTHERHOOD.  There is an invisible bond that forever links a mother to her child, like an unseen, unbreakable umbilical cord.  It is tender, gentle, sweet, flexible and strong . . . absolutely indestructible.  It is a God-implanted love that will sacrifice any personal comfort or desire to see that her child suffers for nothing.  She will wear the same dress for several years, the same shoes till they are shabby to see that her child is warm and clothed and protected.  She will go without food to make sure her child has plenty.  She will guard her own life and become the example her child will look up to and pattern their own life after.  She will accept the huge responsibility of teaching and training her child to grow up in a godly life that will bring respect and admiration and love from those he or she will come in contact with throughout their life.  She will go many times to the One Who is the best Father of all, and she will fall on her knees, asking for guidance, strength and wisdom.  She will ask when to be firm, when to let go, when to hold, when to speak and when to be silent.  She will always keep that prayer line to her Heavenly Father open and clear.

Becoming a mother will cause you to understand more than ever, the Father-heart of God Who loves His children.  Many times throughout your life, you will run to Him in tears – and much like your own child will run to your arms for comfort, you will run into the open arms of your heavenly Father and He will hold you and cuddle you and kiss the hurt away.  And you will learn from Him how to help your own child when life is cruel and unfair.

This new journey you have begun will never end.  It will take you and your child over all kinds of roads . . . some lovely, smooth and sunny . . . some thru’ dark, gloomy valleys . . . and some over steep, stormy mountains.  As your child grows, they will need you in the ever-changing phases.  It will be difficult for you to watch as your little one first stumbles and falls . . . as they learn to walk, and run, and ride their bike, and drive their car.  You will tremble inside as you watch them choosing their friends as he or she steps into their teen years.  Even more so when you watch them as they choose their boyfriends or girlfriends, and then pray for them to make the right choice in finding a wife or husband . . . (and then, you will take a new place of devotion in their heart).
During the many years married to Clyde, Ruth was known as “The Preacher’s Wife” as she happily served the Lord faithfully beside her husband.

Aside from her “call” as wife, mother and homemaker, Ruth wore many hats while serving in various positions.  She always sang in the choir, ladies’ choral ensembles and as a soloist.  She taught Sunday School, worked with Youth groups, Women’s Missionary Union and other organizations in the church.  Ruth often found herself in the role of counselor as many were drawn to her loving spirit and deep spiritual insight.  She is loved by hundreds and many affectionately call her “Momma Ruth”.

Ruth is the mother of two children, Mark Martin and Deborah Martin Gillespie.  She is grandmother to Joshua Gillespie (wife Megan) and Rebecca Gillespie.  God has recently blessed Ruth with her first great grand-child.

Ruth and her children make their home in Gatlinburg, TN.
Reprinted by permission:
Martin, Ruth, A Gift of Bluebirds, "An Open Letter to the New Mother," pp. 31-32.
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Martin Family Ministries
P.O. Box 1427
Pigeon Forge, TN 37868
by Ruth Martin
Sometimes this child will make you cry.  Sometimes he’ll make you laugh.  Sometimes she’ll make you so proud.  Sometimes your child will break your heart.  But that invisible cord between the two of you will never in this life be broken.

Make sure you teach your baby about Jesus Who loves him and died for him.  And lead your child early to accept your Savior as their own . . . by example, showing them how to follow Christ all his or her life.  Then, Dear Mother, that precious bond between you will NEVER be broken . . . not in this life nor in Eternity.

Some relationships are easily broken, but this one is indestructible.  Your child will always be your child and you will always be his or her mother. MOTHER . . . Isn’t that a beautiful word?  Isn’t it a beautiful title?  And now, it belongs to you.  Wear it proudly and keep it shining pure and bright.  Your child will need that light to guide them all their life.  Even when your little boy becomes a man . . . or your little girl becomes a woman and perhaps a mother herself.

You will always be . . . a mother.

Dear Readers,

Spring is symbolic of newness and hope.  This issue spans Palm Sunday (March 20 - the first day of Holy Week) through Pentecost Sunday (May 15) which marks the end of the Easter season.
Would you like to spend eternity in God's presence?
School is almost over.  No matter where you live, it's time to plan for late Spring and Summer activities.  Churches and worship centers are beginning to schedule VBS, revivals, summer camps, and retreats.  Get involved in your community.

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As Christians, our greatest celebration is during this time.  Christ, who suffered, died and rose again to ascend back to the Father in heaven, gives us the hope that we too can have new life.

March brings the promise of longer daylight.  As you listen to those who wish to lead our country in these early months, ask God to give you discernment and wisdom for your choices.  Are they promising you hope and light for our country?  God waits for our prayers of intercession on behalf of our nation.

April is our month of showers, and the rain is needed.  Rain is necessary to grow our plants; and showers from heaven grow us spiritually.  So rejoice!  We were refreshed when we heard Robert J. Morgan speak at our Prayer Luncheon.

May comes quietly and tenderly with the mighty wind of Pentecost, sweeping across our land empowering us through the Spirit to go and tell others about our Jesus.  This desire to disciple is no different than thousands of years ago with the 120 in the upper room.  Send your Spirit anew Lord so that your people will once again be filled up to make decisions that will put America back on track with you.  Refresh us again, O Lord.

May this Spring edition inspire, refresh and cause you to rejoice as you read and pray for guidance in your spiritual life and in deciding your choices to guide our nation.

Let it be so, O Lord.


Joann Jordan 
President and Founder
Garlands of Grace Ministries International
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